Student Hidjo

Book / Novel

by Marco Kartodikromo

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
212 page(s)
Published Jan 01, 2000 by Yayasan Aksara Indonesia

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Evidently, happiness and peace are reserved for the Javanese protagonists only. The Dutch are described as merely having their homes in Djarak; we could wonder how peaceful and happy these homes will be beyond the novel's last page, and for how long the stability and peace which these last words of Student Hidjo evoke will be retained. After all, tensions were brewing in the land of Java in the second decade of the 20th century, the years Student Hidjo was written and the tale's finale is cast.
Hendrik M. J. Maier in Phew! Europeesche beschaving! Marco Kartodikromo’s Student Hidjo (CSEAS Journal, Southeast Asian Studies, Jun 01, 1996)

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