The Tale of Bidadari

Book / Graphic Novel

by Stephani Soejono

Format: Paperback, English
112 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: 9671296882/978-9671296882
Published Oct 10, 2016 by Maple Comics

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Erlang was only following his father on his duty as a doctor, to a village recently ravaged by drought. He was soon warned to stay off the village temple and forest. But it all changed when he met a girl named Mayang…

As a reader I found this a charming, engagingly illustrated story.
Daphne Lee in Tale of the Bidadari by Stephani Soejono (Personal Blog, Feb 12, 2018)
It is important to get more international attention to the wealth of creative work related to regional folktales and tradition found in the Global South. Works like Soejono’s deserve further notice and support.
Nin Harris in Stephani Soejono’s Tale of the Bidadari reviewed by Nin Harris (Truancy Magazine, Dec 26, 2016)

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