Women Whose Names Were Erased

Book / Poetry Collection — Women in Translation

by Avianti Armand
Translated by Eliza Vitri Handayani

Format: Paperback, English
52 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9781925735055
Published Sep 01, 2018 by Vagabond Press

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Also see Perempuan Yang Dihapus Namanya

Reading Holy Books is like entering a labyrinth. In that labyrinth fact and fiction are tangled. Worlds intertwined with words. And those words present a chunk of a universe, which is incomplete and not entirely truthful, it hides some things that we do not yet know. The poems in this book are lifted off the Holy Books, The Old Testament. The book is rendered with women who are present, alive, and weaving history along with the men, but in all those stories the women remain behind veils. Avianti Armand chose to rewrite the stories of 5 most intriguing, ambiguous, and treacherous women from it. This collection of poems is not an attempt to bring the women out of the labyrinth, but an invitation for us to meet them through other winding, twisted, and unpredictable paths.

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