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This article mentions Chairil Anwar Danarto Laksmi Pamuntjak Pramoedya Ananta Toer Rendra, W. S. Siti Rukiah Kertapati Subagio Sastrowardoyo Toeti Heraty Umar Kayam
Written by Aamer Hussein
Originally published in DAWN.
Nov 03, 2013

Last week, I had lunch with my friend Laksmi in Covent Garden. She was on her way from Jakarta to Paris; I was just about to take a train to Lancaster where I was to read that evening. Laksmi, who has written both poetry and prose in English, decided a little over a year ago to write an epic novel in her native language. It took her only four months. The book is a reworking of the story of Bhishma and Amba from the Mahabharata, set in the tumultuous period of 1965 which saw the fall of Soekarno and the rise of Suharto’s new regime in Indonesia. It was an immediate success both critically and commercially. She’s just about to publish the English version, and was carrying a proof.

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