‘Women of Letters’ revives lost art with new voices

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This article mentions Khairani Barokka Okky Madasari
Written by Novia D. Rulistia
Originally published in Jakarta Post.
Oct 31, 2013

‘€œDear all the women over the entire span of human history, I wish I knew how to help.

‘€œBut not much has changed in some respects; why is there even the so called progressive society when women are still blamed and shamed; I wish I knew what to do […]’€

So said award-winning Australian poet Emilie Zoey Baker as she read aloud a letter showing her concerns about the current conditions facing women, which apparently have not changed much since the old days.

The reading was part of a recent performance at the Salihara Theater in South Jakarta, where the audience was invited to follow the journey of women through time through their own words.

Some of the letters gave voice to anger. Others generated laughter.

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