Cordite Poetry Review — 57: CONFESSION

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Feb 01, 2017, Cordite Poetry Review

Cordite Poetry Review — 57: CONFESSION, with Keri Glastonbury.

When I chose the theme of ‘Confession’ for this issue, I wanted to see what meaning it might yet have in our contemporary digital dialectic, where we must increasingly navigate and present ourselves and our lives in a way that is, at once, privately public. After all, this ‘knowing’ sense of constructing a self for consumption has always been the domain of confessional poetry (think Sylvia Plath), and I suspected that there would be confessional poems galore in our ‘over-sharing’ era.

This issue compiles work that is decidedly diverse in gender, sexuality and culture, and includes ‘Making Instant Noodles at the End of the Rainbow’ by Indonesian poet Norman Erikson Pasaribu (translated by Tiffany Tsao) writing a eulogy for a transgender friend.

Introduction / Foreword

Work(s) in Translation

Making Instant Noodles at the End of the Rainbow by Norman Erikson Pasaribu, translated by Tiffany Tsao