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NB is a literary magazine and online platform for book lovers, book clubs and all round bibliophiles. In print and online with our editorial content, features and bank of thousands of independent reviews we aid discerning readers with those all-too-difficult book buying decisions.

Our newest version of the website and magazine, NB, has evolved and grown over the eighteen years we’ve been in print, from the original New Books Mag, and represents our full integration of the review site Nudge-Book.com. NB stands for New Books, for Nudge-Book and, finally for nota bene too. Nota bene is a Latin phrase, often truncated to simply NB, meaning take note and has been used as a mark to encourage readers to pay particular attention ever since. NB is, and has always been, here to help you take note of the very best books.

Book Review(s)

Apple and Knife by Intan Paramaditha - Apr 25, 2019