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WrICE: the Writers Immersion and Cultural Exchange Program.

[RMIT–Copyright Agency Asia–Pacific Partnership: A partnership led by RMIT University with support from Copyright Agency]

The WrICE program brings together a new group of five Australian and five Asia-Pacific writers each year for a face-to-face collaborative residency in Asia followed by a reciprocal event in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2013, WrICE contributes to an Asia-Pacific community of writers, sparking networks and connections and raising the professional profile of writers across the region. It provides a solid framework for intercultural and intergenerational dialogue—the exchange and furthering of knowledge, creativity, skills and cultural perspectives—that is underpinned by principles of mutual respect and a desire for genuine reciprocity.

At the heart of the program is the simple notion that there is great value in creating opportunities for writers (and writing students) to step outside their often isolated writing studios and familiar cultural environs to connect and share ideas with other writers from different cultures and across generations. By supporting the development of individual practice in a collaborative way, WrICE not only contributes to individual creativity but evolves practice across the sector. Through the work of individuals, WrICE has an influence on broader societal perspectives, changing the stories we tell and listen to.