Asian women writers gain a wider audience thanks to translations of their work crowdfunded by a British publisher

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About Deviant Disciples,
Written by Katrin Figge, and was originally published in South China Morning Post,
Oct 11, 2020

“Women do write. They carry multiple burdens, but they still endeavour to create,” says Faye Cura, co-founder of Gantala Press, a Filipino feminist literary collective and small press that publishes books and other publications documenting the conditions and struggles of women. “We know of a farmer who writes poems in her little notebook while waiting for people to buy vegetables in her stall,” she explains. “We know of a union leader who composed poems in her cell, after being wrongfully arrested for organising a workers’ strike. We know of a migrant woman worker who writes poems and essays after a hard day at the factory, and has even won literary awards for her writings. I think what publishers can do is to actively seek these works and publish them.” One such publishers is the non-profit, British-based Tilted Axis Press, which was founded in 2015 and focuses mainly on translated work by Asian writers .

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