Child-free and happy: A group for Indonesians without kids – by choice

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About Childfree & Happy,
Written by Amahl S. Azwar, and was originally published in Jakarta Post,
Apr 14, 2021

Victoria Tunggono, a 37-year-old author and a member of the Facebook group, decided to write a book on the topic after a publisher offered her the opportunity, as there was no Indonesian literature on being child-free – not even translations of English-language books.

Publisher EA Books noticed Victoria after her April 2020 Instagram and Facebook posts on being child-free went viral. Thousands of people left comments, from condemning her choice to quoting religious texts to her.

“I wrote Childfree & Happy [the title is in English, but the book is in Indonesian] so that people could understand why child-free individuals exist and not be so narrow-minded but instead see others’ perspectives,” said Victoria, who lives in South Tangerang, Banten.

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