Gelombang, a Novel by Dee Lestari

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About Supernova: Gelombang (Supernova #5),
Written by Amorfati, and was originally published in Personal Blog,
May 09, 2022

As expected, Dee Lestari novels always captivated me. I’m amazed by her ability of stringing words to parse complicated understandings into a more easy to grasp sentences. All those theories about dream world are laid out clearly so the story could easily be enjoyed. The spiritual journey of the main character that become the basic plot gave the novel plenty of room to make the twist and turn that offer me thrills. Wait. Before I continue, I should say (again) this is not a book review. I found that most book reviews are filled with personal judgements. So I choose to share my experience in reading books instead. As this can also be viewed as a form of appreciation toward the work of the writers. And for that same reason, I’m going to erase ‘review’ category and move all its contents to the ‘journal’ category. And in this way my blog would look much simpler. The way I like it. Anyhow we need to appreciate others more so the world can be less intimidating to live. 😁

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