Melipat Jarak: Sepilihan Sajak

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About Melipat Jarak: Sepilihan Sajak,
Written by Ratih Dwi Astuti, and was originally published in Personal Blog,
Mar 29, 2017

Melipat Jarak: Sepilihan Sajak comprises Sapardi Djoko Damono’s selected poems written and published between 1998 and 2015. Quite different from Hujan Bulan Juni, his other book of selected poems released back in 2014, this one’s central theme is more of nature, God and spirituality, and old age. There is no so much as a hint of human love and romanticism in each and every one of the seventy five works contained in this book. But instead of being boring and lifeless, I found Melipat Jarak so heart-shredding and profound.

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