The Best Books of 2020 (So Far)

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and was originally published in Glamour,
Mar 02, 2020

The last Roaring Twenties gave us Agatha Christie's first novel, Virginia Woolf's first best-seller, and a little novel called The Great Gatsby. With the books on this list, it seems 2020 will kick off a decade in literature that's just as spectacular. Who knows which entries here will make it onto high school curricula, inspire wedding themes, and spawn dozens of Hollywood remakes? Or even more impressive—which ones will be so addictive that you'll choose them over whatever is on Netflix tonight? Below, our choices for the best books of 2020—gripping fiction, bone-chilling mystery, illuminating nonfiction, and heart-bursting memoirs. We've got all the genres you love from great romance novels, to thrillers, humor, tell-alls, feminist manifestos, and books about dogs. We'll update this list as new titles are released. Grab a couch corner, a mug of something warm, and one of these great reads. And cheers to the new ’20s—to language, to new worlds, to meeting new friends without leaving home; cheers to libraries and booksellers and to making Reese Witherspoon and Oprah proud. Here's a guide to the best books of 2020.

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