The Book of Jakarta – Edited by Maesy Ang & Teddy W. Kusuma

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About The Book of Jakarta: A City in Short Fiction,
Written by Katrin Figge, and was originally published in Personal Blog,
Feb 06, 2021

Jakarta, the city I used to call home for over a decade, is now out of reach for me. I have struggled with homesickness ever since I – voluntarily – relocated to Berlin in March 2018, but this feeling was amplified over the last year: since the pandemic took hold of our lives, getting on an airplane and traveling to the other side of the world is simply not in the cards. The cold and grey winter in Berlin doesn’t exactly help either. I have taken comfort in the fact that I can still connect with my family and friends via WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype or one of the many other online options (or even by sending letters and postcards via snail mail), and I am grateful for that.

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