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About Man Tiger,
Written by James Louie, and was originally published in DestinAsian,
Apr 24, 2020

Four DestinAsian editors suggest four bestselling titles to help pass the time while staying at home.

Man Tiger, Eka Kurniawan

I was drawn to the magic realism of Laura Esquivel and Gabriel García Márquez while in high school, and not long after relocating to Indonesia four years ago, I began to feel that my new home was fertile ground for a similar kind of fiction writing. Indonesia has a rich tradition of folklore that exerts a certain influence on modern life. Even today, there’s a deeply entrenched belief in superstition, haunted trees, inanimate objects with mystical powers, and all kinds of supernatural beings. So, when a literature-loving friend introduced me to the works of Eka Kurniawan—who has been hailed as a successor to the late and great Indonesian novelist Pramoedya Ananta Toer—I was immediately captivated.

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