The Rape of Sukreni

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About The Rape of Sukreni,
Written by Orthofer, M.A., and was originally published in Complete Review,
Jul 03, 2015

The Rape of Sukreni is set in Bali, mainly in the outback town of Bingin Banjah — “little more than a cluster of peasants’ home” when the story begins. It is, however surrounded by coconut groves, and so Men Nagara has a steady supply of customers for her stall, selling the plantation workers food and drink. She seems to have made a good choice as to where to open up her business — and has, in turn, helped bring more prosperity to the area:

People often credited Men Negara for the area’s growth in both prosperity and population. The road through the village was more heavily traveled now. People seemed to gravitate towards her food stall. There were good reasons for this. Men Nagara was an accomplished cook and her meals were cheaper than at other places. But another more important reason was that Ni Negari, Men Nagara’s daughter, was easily the most beautiful woman in the district.

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