Yang Fana Adalah Waktu

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About Yang Fana Adalah Waktu (Trilogi Hujan Bulan Juni #3),
Written by Ratih Dwi Astuti, and was originally published in Personal Blog,
Nov 05, 2018

While in Hujan Bulan Juni: Novel Sapardi Djoko Damono dares question identities, and later unfolding the disturbing restlessness of divided feelings in Pingkan Melipat Jarak, here in Yang Fana Adalah Waktu the acclaimed senior writer doesn’t seem to show the slightest inclination to give his loyal readers an answer to the big question marks formed back-to-back in the two previous books. Instead, he poses another one, “Is it necessary to question love?” And, to make it even more complicated, is there really any line between existence and non-existence? What does exist and what does not exist?

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