Ah Xiang’s Last Day

Works in Translation

Leopold Adi Surya Indrawan, translated by Indah Lestari
Published as a part of Diverse Indonesia: Next Generation, Feb 07, 2016

Originally published in Cerpen Koran Tempo, Jan 25, 2015 as Hari Terakhir Ah Xiang.

After lining up the eight plates of milk custard pie on a long table in the living room, Ah Xiang returned to his room to take a rest. He actually felt fresh, as he had just taken a bath, the first time in over a year that a drop of water had touched his body. He was sure that his demise would come that day as Li Hwa had told him. Li Hwa is his cousin who has the ability to foresee the time of someone’s death.

He had found out about the day of his death six months ago, and the next day he called his elder brother and eight younger siblings one by one. “On the fourth day of the ninth month, my time shall come,” said Ah Xiang. His ‘announcement’ was meant to be an invitation for his brothers and sisters, to visit him on that very date.

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