five from Museum Penghancur Dokumen / Document Shredding Museum

Works in Translation

Afrizal Malna, translated by Daniel Owen
Published Jul 11, 2018

First published in Museum Penghancur Dokumen


It’s a shame this poem’s already been erased when
I go to read it. Like humid air that tugs
at my arm to catch what will fall, is
falling, and falls. What’s up with erasing? Glue,
scissors, yarn, make a shadow of barbed
wire. I erase the word erase from the documentation,
out from the barbed wire. Return to glue,
scissors, yarn from every word so as to
hide, lose, and erase once again
the word erase. And a knock
that’s never been erased inside a shadow’s
death: a guest from a door’s shadow that’s never
knocked on the door.

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