Joshua Karabish

Works in Translation

Budi Darma, translated by Tiffany Tsao
Published Jul 01, 2020

First published in People from Bloomington as Joshua Karabish.

I received a letter from his mother stating that he was dead. When and where Joshua had died, it didn’t mention, and the letter itself came by regular mail, not express courier. It did, however, contain a request: if I had the time or money to spare, would I be willing to pack up his belongings and send them to her by third-class economy mail? If I didn’t have the money, continued Joshua’s mother, would I be so kind as to donate the items to Opportunity House, a charity that helped people in need? And if Opportunity House was too far away and I didn’t have the time, means, or funds to bring the items over, then I should just head to the closest garbage dump and dispose of Joshua’s belongings there. In short, wrote Joshua’s mother, I should get rid of his things as quickly as possible in order to avoid inconveniencing either myself or the owner of the house in which I rented a room.

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