Mysteries of Visiocherries

Works in Translation

Rio Johan
Published as a part of Spring Issue of Samovar, Apr 26, 2021

Originally published in Samovar, Apr 26, 2021 as Misteri Visiceri.

As with artists, it’s only natural for fruit engineers to experience arid periods of inspiration. Kwodvide, one of the senior fruit engineers in the Bio-Corporation, managed to design something to solve this problem: an inspirational cherry which he named visiocherry. At first Kwodvide consumed at least one to five of these soft, white, cloud-like cherries each day, and the results were quite satisfactory too because, since then, new fruits were starting to spring up from his creative hands; he then increased his intake to five to ten cherries a day, and before long he had also decided to increase the stimulative potency of the fruits, and brilliant ideas were swiftly popping up. Often he found himself working on two or three fruits at the same time, and many times he got overwhelmed by ideas and needed to record them quickly, one by one, and hence his own desk started to be flooded with piles of records.

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