Robodoi, The Pirate from Tobelo

Works in Translation

Yudhi Herwibowo, translated by Oni Suryaman
Published as a part of Dalang Publishing’s Your Stories, Dec 01, 2017

Originally published in Majalah Jawara, Sep 01, 2016 as Robodoi, Bajak Laut dari Tobelo.

Are these my last days? Robodoi contemplated the words that filled his heart. Tonight, on the beach, he felt that’s where the signs were pointing. The sparkle of the stars in the sky was dimmer, the whisper of the wind seemed softer, and the air felt stuffy—all ominous signs to herald the final moment. He shivered as the evening breeze picked up and chilled his bones. He had never felt like this before. Though he liked to deny it, he knew—as did everyone else—that his life had been directed by the signs.

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