The Crow

Works in Translation

Zen Hae, translated by Marjie Suanda
Published as a part of Myth and History: Writing from Indonesia, Aug 01, 2015

Originally published in Koran Tempo Minggu, Sep 16, 2007 as Kkkkhhaaaaaakkk.

No one and nothing in this world can protect you from the revenge of a crow. Not even if you hide in your mother’s womb. You will die a day before your birthday. Like the nut of a kenari tree, you will fall and crack on a rock. Caaaaaaaaw!

Just before the hundredth jump, Ihsan Gagak “The Crow” Riman began to see stars. His knee joints were aching and inflamed. His head was heavy. His body was leaning at a 31-degree angle. Everything before his eyes turned a reddish-black. All kinds of sounds grew fainter. Death, foretold in a bad dream, seemed to be right in front of his nose.

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