Aan Mansyur About His Involvement in ‘AADC’ Sequel, New Poetry Collection

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About Aan Mansyur, M.,
Written by Nico Novito, and was originally published in Jakarta Globe,
Apr 20, 2016

In a teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel of "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?" ("What's Up With Love?"), the lead character Rangga, played by Nicholas Saputra, can be heard reciting several lines of a poem. "The anxiety in your chest and the secret awaiting at the heart of this poem are separated by words," Rangga, now a writer living in New York, narrates solemnly in Indonesian. The charismatic man presumably dedicates these words to his long-lost love, Cinta (Dian Sastrowardoyo), with whom he shared a love of poetry, as portrayed in the original romantic drama 14 years ago.

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