Building a Boat in Paradise – Feminist Literature that Resists Forgetting

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In this article: Zubaidah Djohar,
Written by Marjaana Jauhola, and was originally published in Politiikasta,
Jan 10, 2018

The peace accords signed in Helsinki in 2005 brought peace to Aceh. Despite a decade of peace, much work remains for achieving an equal society. The struggle for equal treatment and possibilities continues with collaborative activities that respect the Acehnese traditions. Zubaidah Djohar’s poem collection Building a Boat in Paradise (Pulang Melawan Lupa) addresses the impacts of armed conflict on women, and women’s position during the first decade of peace in Aceh, Indonesia – a peace that was brokered in Finland by the president Martti Ahtisaari and CMI. Zubaidah’s poems speak of dealing with the past, sustainable development and peace building. In her performance, she also shed light on the challenges of the ongoing truth and reconciliation process in Aceh.

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