Danarto: Literary Sketches

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About Danarto,
Written by Sapardi Djoko Damono, and was originally published in Tempo English,
Apr 16, 2018

Danarto wished to eliminate strict barriers between art forms and to create text that strained and pushed against itself, while functioning as a unit.

DANARTO (1940-2018) was a painter. In the 1960s, we at Gadjah Mada Universitys literature and culture department founded a monthly wall magazine. Danarto, at the time still a student at the Indonesian Academy of Fine Arts (ASRI) Yogyakarta, was an important part of the wall magazine. From time to time, we would ask him to produce a sketch or a drawing so that our magazine would not seem so bare. Each time, we would go to Danarto to persuade him to draw for us, and he would always happily comply.

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