Ika Natassa: From Boardroom to Bookshop

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About Ika Natassa,
Written by Katrin Figge, and was originally published in Jakarta Globe,
May 14, 2015

Ika Natassa is a multitasker par excellence: she maintains a successful career in banking, has written several books, and has recently picked up a new hobby — photography.

Born and raised in North Sumatra, Ika studied financial accounting in Medan and also spent time abroad in the US as well as Australia.

She joined Bank Mandiri in 2002 and has steadily furthered her career; in 2007, she released her first book “A Yuppy Wedding,” which was followed by “Divortiare” (2008), “Underground” (2010), “Antologi Rasa” (2011) and “Twivortiare” (2012).

Despite a busy schedule, Ika took the time to speak to the Jakarta Globe about her career choices, how she sees Indonesia’s literary scene, and what we can expect from her in the future.

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