Literary figure and senior journalist Arswendo Atmowiloto dies at 70

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About Arswendo Atmowiloto,
and was originally published in Jakarta Post,
Jul 19, 2019

Literary figure and senior journalist Arswendo Atmowiloto, known for his work Keluarga Cemara, has died at age 70 due to prostate cancer.
Arswendo was born in Surakarta, Central Java, on Nov. 26, 1948. He was known as a fiction and nonfiction writer as well as journalist at Kompas daily and Hai magazine.

The director and screenwriter of the film version of Keluarga Cemara, Gina S. Noer, said she was surprised by the passing of the artist, saying, “I owed much to Arswendo, he was the person that influenced me in making art […] he was a person that gave freedom to new creators.”

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