Meet the Translator: Jessica Ginting (Indonesian to English)

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In this article: Jessica Jemalem Ginting,
Written by Jessica Esa, and was originally published in Books and Bao,
Dec 07, 2018

What made you want to be a translator? I wanted to be a translator when I realized the importance of building an international audience for a country’s literature. I often read the translated poems of Rainer Maria Rilke and Fernando Pessoa, completely captivated by their writing and grateful for the fact that they were translated into English for readers like me to enjoy. I thought about the vast sea of literature out there in so many different languages that could make such an impact on people’s lives if only we could read them in the language that we spoke. Being a bilingual Indonesian, I felt compelled to contribute to the art of translation in order to support and uplift the literary voices from my own country.

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