Melbourne Writers Festival inaugural Asia-Pacific Writers Forum: Part 3

What Media Says

About A. Fuadi,
Written by Lian Low, and was originally published in Peril,
Oct 05, 2014

For Ahmad Fuadi, his writing is popular with Indonesian audiences between 17-40 year olds, thus he uses social media to his advantage. Indonesia has a population of approximately 250 million people, with most of them living in Java. Ahmad Fuadi’s publisher advised him that the greatest readers of Indonesian books are concentrated in the Jakarta greater area. It is the fourth largest nation on Facebook, with around sixty million users and about fifteen million on Twitter, and for Ahmad Fuadi social media is a very important way to attract a readership. For example, he has asked audiences for book cover and novel ideas. He believes that by engaging his audience through input to his work, he nurtures and maintains their interest. The majority of social media users are concentrated around Jakarta, which also correlates with Ahmad Fuadi’s readership base. However, even though his book has been translated to English, his main readership is still Indonesian and he is currently grappling with ways to broaden his audience engagement to the entire island of Indonesia and beyond.

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