What I’ve learned: Maesy Angelina, indie bookshop POST cofounder

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In this article: Maesy Ang,
Written by Zack Petersen, and was originally published in Jakarta Post,
Nov 08, 2022

What I’ve learned’ is a new column that presents candid interviews with policymakers, artists, activists and businesspeople on facing challenges and making a difference. Maesy Angelina has learned—and unlearned—a lot over the years. It turns out that opening a bookshop and keeping it open for almost a decade, can teach you a lot about character and community, as well as what you value in yourself and others. Whether it is shrugging off labels, reinventing the way we define success, or simply staying true to why she started POST—an independent bookshop and publisher in Pasar Santa, South Jakarta—, Maesy looks back on what she’s learned with a fondness and maturity we should all strive to adopt. The math isn’t in our favor. But this city deserves more bookshops.

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