Absurditas Malka


He was born in Karawang (May 29, 2014), and currently lives in Bandung

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Absurditas Malka has written several books, prose and short stories in a few newspapers, such as Kompas, Pikiran Rakyat, Tribun Jabar and others.

The Road to Freedom was his first book, written in 2005 and published by DAR!Mizan Bandung. Returning to the writing world in 2012, starting with the short story ‘Multiversum’ in Pikiran Rakyat, ’33 Binatang Terbang’ in the Tribun Jabar, and other works published in other newspapers.

Two years later he broke into writing for Kompas with the short story ‘Semilyar Ikan Memakan Anjing-anjing’. Aside from writing short stories, he also wrote ‘carpon’ (carita pondok) in a few magazines such as Mangle, Kabar Priangan, Tribun Jabar and Galura. Several carpon titles that have been published in newspapers include Bagundal Karawang, Jurig Bendungan Walahar, Silalatu di Langit Ciampel and others.1

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Ular-ular Kain Serban
Collection of Short Stories
138 page(s), SkylArt Publisher