Anton Kurnia


He was born in Bandung (Aug 09, 1974), and currently lives in Jakarta
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A short story writer, essayist, translator, and editor. His published books are short story collection Insomnia (2004, being translated into English as A Cat on the Moon), A World without Memory: Literature, Books, and Power (2004, essay collection), and The Encyclopedia of World Literature (2006). Some of his short stories have published in English anthology of Indonesian literature, among others “Where Is Zenilda?” (Menagerie 5; Lontar Foundation, 2002) and “Megatruh” (Compassion and Solidarity; Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, 2009). He translated Nabokov’s Lolita and many other novels into Indonesian. Currently he also works as Editor-in-Chief of Serambi, a major publisher in Jakarta.


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