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Berthold Sinaulan


Born Jakarta (Dec 13, 1959), currently resides in
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An archaeologist, journalist, writer, Scout leader trainer, and a certified museum guide. Born and raised in Jakarta, his writing work has been done since childhood, with the first writing published in the Indonesia Raya daily newspaper when he was 12 years old in 1972, and his poetry first appeared in the the Sinar Harapan daily newspaper in 1975. When he was a child he wrote his ideals to be a poet or novelist and journalist, and in fact succeeded in his career as a journalist for more than 27 years as a permanent reporter in Mutiara weekly tabloid, Sinar Harapan Daily, and Suara Pembaruan Daily and after no longer working permanently until is now still doing journalism as a freelance writer. Until now, Berty – his nickname – has published four collections of poems singularly, respectively Kepada Kau (To You) (1981), Kubayangkan Chairil Anwar (I Pictured Chairil Anwar) (2017; ISBN: 978-602-6598-13-4), Ahok, Kebhinekaan, Belajar Pancasila (Ahok, Diversity, Learning Pancasila) (2017; ISBN: 978-602-6598-18-9), and Puisi Itu Adalah (A Poetry is) (2017; ISBN: 978-602-6598-26-4). In addition, his poems are also contained in various anthologies of poetry alongside other poets. His poems also published in a number of mass media, including in Sinar Harapan, Berita Buana, Anita Cemerlang, Gadis, and others. While in activity as a member of the Scout Movement since 1968, has twice won the Trophy of the President of the Republic of Indonesia for the best scouting work for journalists (1990 and 1992). At the national level has received awards in the form of Darma Bakti Badges (1985) and Melati (2003), and Panca Warsa consecutively since Panca Warsa I to VIII. At the international level, it also received several awards from national scouting organizations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and from Asia-Pacific Scouting to become the fourth person in Indonesia to earn the Asia-Pacific Regional Scout Chairman’s Award (2009).

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