Esha Tegar


He was born in Solok (Apr 29, 1985), and currently lives in Padang

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He writes poems, plays, critics and essays, many of which have been published in various print and electronic media. His poems have been published under a title of Pinangan Orang Ladang (Proposal of a Farmer, 2009) while his next poems compilation titled Dalam Lipatan Kain (Between Folded Cloth) will be published soon. He has been invited to various cultural and literary events. He currently lives in Solok.1

  1. ALF2015 


Dalam Lipatan Kain
Poetry Collection
132 page(s), Motion Publishing
Empat Cangkir Kenangan
Poetry Collection
107 page(s), Serba Indie
Pinangan Orang Ladang
Poetry Collection
122 page(s), Frame Publishing