Jono Hardjowirogo

Writer / See Roots

He was born in Solo and currently lives in Los Angeles

A graduate of Long Island University and the University of California at Los Angeles, he worked as Editor for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Hayden Books, Bantam Books, Simon & Schuster, Henry Holt, and Berlitz International. He then spent twelve years with the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) as its Publisher of Books and Journals. Some of the professional peer-reviewed journals include the highly ranked ones such as Computing Surveys, Transactions on Graphics, and Transactions on Databases. During this time, he was also actively involved in the Association of American Publishers, for which he chaired its prestigious AAP/PSP Journals Boot Camp for new editors in Montreal in 2001 and in Philadelphia in 2002.
Jono has acquired and edited several million sellers books, including The Complete HyperCard Handbook and Peter Norton’s Inside the PC.
In 2010, Jono was honored by Cambridge Who’s Who, which named him Professional of the Year of the Publishing Industry. In the same year, he also received a Certificate of Recognition for inclusion into the Elite American Executive.
Jono enjoys writing historical based fictions such as the NOTO of JAVA trilogy.1

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