Joyce Di Lorenzo

Writer / See Roots

She was born in Surabaya (Jan 29, 1951), and currently lives in California

Joyce (Linda Joyce de Ruyter) was born in 1951, on the Indonesian Island of Java, in the village of Surabaya.  Her father and mother were of mixed Dutch and Indonesian descent, they are Eurasians.  After the Indonesian National Revolution, which followed World War II, her parents, forced to leave independent Indonesia, repatriated to the Netherlands.

When Joyce was five, her parents divorced, consequently, she and her younger sister; Ellen were raised by their mother and grandmother.  At the age of ten, Joyce’s family immigrated to the United States to chase the American Dream.  Her childhood was delightful, growing up in Redwood City; a friendly town located in Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area. Having journeyed with her family from Southeast Asia to Europe as a baby, before settling on the continent of North America a teenager, Joyce has a penchant for traveling, accordingly it has always been a part of her life.  Her first unchaperoned trip, was one year after high school graduation. It felt sensational to spread her wings, discover her own travel style and explore different traditions and cultures at her own pace.  At first, her travels were limited to visiting family in the Netherlands, however, as she gained confidence and experience, her adventures included trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain and several western European countries.

Living an adventuresome life, Joyce discovered her passion for writing as she journaled her experiences.  She is adept at using her creative flair and imaginative thinking to bring her stories to life, pulling the reader along as they turn the pages.  Her books are often rated as one the most popular books of the month on various internet websites.