Maradilla Syachridar


She was born in Bandung (Mar 22, 1987), and currently lives in Bandung

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“The cut of a garment speaks of the colour of artistic temperament.” Her adaptation of that famous Thomas Carlyle quote probably best describes Maradilla Syachridar, whose outlook on life strives to expand everyone’s perspective. This open-minded, eager observer has a voracious curiosity, especially when it comes to literature and left-field music.

Maradilla published her debut novel “Ketika Daun Bercerita” in 2008, with the follow-up “Turiya” in 2011. In 2012, she has contributed a short story to the Seno Gumira Ajidarma tribute anthology “Perkara Mengirim Senja”, and another anthology pieces, “Menujuh”, “Memoritmo”. Due to her love of music that is a constant companion during the creative process, Maradilla also lends her talents as a backing vocalist, synthesizer player and songwriter to the electronic pop collective Homogenic.

As a result, music and literature becomes the embodiment of a modern and contemporary personality that channels the creative impulses that emanate directly from Maradilla’s soul. She dreams of one day combining all those elements into a cohesive work of performance art.1

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Perkara Mengirim Senja
Collection of Short Stories
200 page(s), Penerbit Serambi
172 page(s), Else-Press