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Muhidin M. Dahlan


Born Donggala (May 12, 1978), currently resides in Yogyakarta

Often fondly called “Gusmuh“, Muhidin M. Dahlan is an author and literature researcher. He is one of the founding fathers of Indonesia Buku Foundation which has been active in the Indonesian literature world since 2006. Since 2003 he has been co-editing the works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer which are being reprinted by Lentera Dipantara Publisher.

Muhidin also founded Radio Buku and Warung Arsip; two institutions which actively document literature movements in Indonesia. While Radio Buku focuses on documenting the stories of literature activists through audio products, Warung Arsip focuses on the archiving of documents and clippings on Indonesia during the last century.

Indonesia Buku Foundation, which is supported by the community library ‘gelaranibuku with its 50,000 book collection – currently serves as a laboratory for young authors to learn how to do research for writing and to write books. With its open system and independently managed financing, this foundation has been independently publishing the result of their research since 2008.

Muhidin also publishes the result of his research in essays in a number of prominent media in Indonesia – besides in book form. The trilogy which come out of his research, in collaboration with Rhoma Dwi Aria Yuliantri, Lekra Tak Membakar Buku: Suara Senyap Lembar Kebudayaan Harian Rakyat-1965,Laporan dari Bawah: Sehimpun Cerita Pendek Harian Rakjat 1950-1965, Gugur Merah: Sehimpunan Puisi Lekra Harian Rakjat 1950-1965, were banned by the Office of the Attorney General in 2009. Through legal contest on the Constitutional Court level, the ban was lifted, and the case made a precedent case in the way that no book in Indonesia can be arbitrarily banned without a valid court decision.

Muhidin also coordinates the research for non-fiction books, such as Seabad Pers Kebangsaan (1907-2007): Bahasa Bangsa, Tanah Air Bahasa (2007), Gelaran Almanak Seni Rupa Jogja 1999-2009 (2009), and Almanak Musik Indonesia 2005-2015 (2015). Besides non fictional works, he also produces social commentary fiction, among others:Tuhan Izinkan Aku Menjadi Pelacur (2003), Aku, Buku, dan Sepotong Sajak Cinta (2003) and Kabar Buruk dari Langit (2005).1

  1. Pulau Imaji 


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