Renny Yaniar


She was born in and currently lives in

Renny Yaniar (Bandung, West Java) has written hundreds of children stories printed in various children magazines. Since 2000, she has published 134 children’s books. She received numerous awards including the Adikarya IKAPI Award for Lautan Susu Cokelat.

Other works nominated are Kijang Riang for the same award and 8 Kisah Indah tentang Sakura for the 2014 Ibby Honor List. For three years in a row she also received nomination for a Biodiversity Award, for using environmental themes in developing children stories. She was former Editor- in -Chief and creator of characters in Mombi Magazine, a magazine for pre-school children. Now she works freelance with Bobo, Girls, Mombi SD magazine, and Kidnesia. In 2006, she set up Rumah Riang (Happy House) which publishes free books to be donated to children who can not afford buying books and to reading rooms across Indonesia.1

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