Rio Fitra SY


He was born in Sungailiku, West Sumatra (Jun 12, 1986), and currently lives in Padang
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Rio was born in Sungailiku, West Sumatra on June 12 1986. He has published his prose in local and national mass media, as well as in several anthologies including Oase (2009), Bukan Perempuan (2010), Akulah Musi (2011), Karena Aku tak Lahir dari Batu (2011), Negeri Sembilan Matahari (2013). He was invited to the Padang Literary Bienale 2011, Pertemuan Penyair Nusantara V in 2011. With two friends he founded the Mesin Hujan Company which publishes poetry on t-shirts devoted to religious principles and theology. He works as a document Archivist for the government and lives in Padang, Sumatra.1

  1. UWRF 2014 


Pasien Terakhir
Poetry Collection
123 page(s), Basabasi
Negeri Sembilan Matahari
Poetry Collection
276 page(s), Sastra Welang Pustaka