Sobron Aidit

Writer / See Roots

She was born in Tanjung Pandan (Jun 02, 1934), and died in Paris (Feb 10, 2007)

He wrote poetry and short stories. He began his writing career at age thirteen. He taught in Jakarta and was a journalist with Harian Rakyat and Bintang Timur. He was a lecturer at Multatuli Literature Academy (Akademi Sastra Multatuli) in Jakarta. He was known as one of the founders of the Senen Artists group. In 1963 he left Indonesia to teach Indonesian language in Beijing and then could not return after the anti-communist events in 1965–1966. He moved to Paris and became an active promoter for the alternative press in Europe for the rest of his life. He published four poetry collections: Ketemu di Jalan (with Ajip Rosidi and S.M. Ardan, 1956), Pulang Bertempur (1959), Puisi (1992) and Mencari Langit (1999). He has three short story collections: Derap Revolusi (including a novella, 1962), Razia Agustus (1992) and Kisah Intel dan Sebuah Warung (2000). He wrote two memoirs: Gajah di Pelupuk Mata (2002) and Surat Kepada Tuhan (2003). His short story “Buaya dan Dukunnya” won third prize from Kisah magazine in 1955, and “Basimah” won an award from Harian Rakyat in 1961.