Tan Malaka


He was born in Pandam Gadang (Jun 02, 1897), and died in Selopanggung (Feb 21, 1949)
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A teacher, Indonesian philosopher, founder of Struggle Union (Persatuan Perjuangan) and Murba Party, independent guerrilla, Indonesian fighter, and Indonesian national hero.

A staunch critic of both the colonial Dutch East Indies government and the republican Sukarno administration that governed the country after the Indonesian National Revolution, he was also frequently in conflict with the leadership of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI), Indonesia’s primary radical political party in the 1920s and again in the 1940s.

A political outsider for most of his life, Tan Malaka spent a large part of his life in exile from Indonesia, and was constantly threatened with arrest by the Dutch authorities and their allies. Despite this apparent marginalization, however, he played a key intellectual role in linking the international communist movement to Southeast Asia’s anti-colonial movements. He was declared a “hero of the national revolution” by act of Indonesia’s parliament in 1963.


Dari Penjara Ke Penjara
(From Jail to Jail)
page(s), Narasi

What Media Say

From City to City: Tan Malaka, Shanghai and the Politics of Geographical Imagining by Abidin Kusno — Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography (Sep 26, 2003)