Tatengkeng, J.E.


He was born in Kalongan, Sangihe (Oct 19, 1907), and died in Makassar (Mar 06, 1968)

Jan Engelbert Tatengkeng was an Indonesian poet from the Pujangga Baru era. He was also the fourth Prime Minister of the State of East Indonesia.1

Jan Engelbert Tatengkeng was educated at a Hollandsch-Inlandsche School (HIS, Dutch Native School) in Manganitu, a Christelijk Middagkweekscool (Christian Normal School) in Bandung and a Christian teachers’ college in Surakarta, Central Java, where he learned about Tachtigers, a form of Dutch literature that later influenced most of his work. His best known collection of poems is Rindu Dendam (Longing For Revenge), which contains 32 poems and was first published in 1934. He also published poems in magazines.

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