Further Reading Print No.2: Boundaries

Book / Essay Collection

Edited by Almer Mikhail Januar Rianto

Format: Paperback, English
168 page(s)
Published Jan 01, 2020 by Further Reading

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In the second issue of Further Reading print, we aim to identify and examine the boundaries—inside and around each one of us—that have shaped our practices, our surroundings, the topics that we deal with everyday as well as the ways we navigate ourselves.

At the time when openness and disruption have been presented more often than not around many practices and efforts; we see it is just the right time to take a look at the merging and emerging lines that circle around the matters that are surrounding us.

Through ‘Boundaries’, we are keen to discuss the subjects of borderlines between areas or fields; points of contact where disciplines integrate with each other and/or expand over one another; measurements that are used to determine and/or evaluate values and practice; along with the influences that are impacting our everyday lives.

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