Ovulasi Yang Gagal

Book / Poetry Collection (E)

by Putu Vivi Lestari

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
Published Jan 01, 2017 by Penerbit Ekspresi

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Her poems speaks about female problems regarding the body, domestic matters, patriarchal culture et ce tera. Her poems were build from dictions and metaphors that she got from various Eastern and Western source, eg. the Bible, Ramayana, Mahabharata, myths, historical figures, to perfume brand. With her active imagination, she managed to mix and match those eastern and westerns icons into poems who are multicultural and, also, looks metropolitan. One of her significant poetry is the one that use the cross as its title, and opened with: sins/are today’s/commandment. This poetry showcased Vivi’s ability to mix different Eastern and Western icons into a cohesive and sound poetry. Figures and stories from the Bible comingling with figures and stories from Mahabharata, wrestling with various female problems.

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