Pangeran dari Timur

Book / Novel

by Iksaka Banu Kurnia Effendi

Format: Paperback, Indonesian
593 page(s)
ISBN/ISBN13: /9786022916758
Published Feb 01, 2020 by Bentang Pustaka

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The double-plot novel that centers on the life of the great painter Raden Saleh (1811-1880) and the Indonesian intellectuals of the early 20th century is a tragic story of how colonialism and racism let Indonesia’s creative and intellectual minds down in the pre-independence era.

The life and death of Raden Saleh is the anchor of the dual narrative, beginning with his artistic talents and interests emerging as a child and through the eventual expansion of his artistic abilities under his Dutch mentor, Antoine Auguste Joseph Payen.

Despite the tragedy caused by the unjust and racist colonial system, we read in awe at how Raden Saleh’s creative instincts and endeavors serve as his source of resilience to get back up again from life’s myriad disappointments.
Sebastian Partogi   in ‘Pangeran dari Timur’ chronicles the tragic life of Raden Saleh (Jakarta Post, Apr 26, 2020)

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