Bumi Langit [R]evolusi: Bringing back local superheroes

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This article mentions Kosasih, R. A.

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Aug 21, 2017

Out of the 500 characters, eight characters have been chosen by Bumilangit for Bumi Langit [R]evolusi. They are Sri Asih created by RA Kosasih, Si Buta by Ganes TH, Mandala by Mansyur Daman, Virgo by Jan Mintaraga, Gundala and Maza by Harya Suraminata and Godam and Aquanus by Wid NS.

Bumilangit assigned the remake version of the Si Buta story to writer Oyasujiwo, who won the Komikasia Award 2005 and Kosasih Award 2007, and illustrator Iwan Nazif, who had a hand in DreamWorks’s comic series How to Train Your Dragon.

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