Modern Indonesian Literature Abroad

Papers (in PDF)

By A. Teeuw
Published in KITLV,
Dec 01, 1970

In recent years a growing interest in modern Indonesian literature Jl has become manifest outside Indonesia. It may be useful to give a short survey of such materials as have come to my notice, even though this survey is of necessity incomplete. First of all it should be mentioned that literary, cultural and scholarly journals and magazines have discovered modern Indonesian literature and regularly or incidentally publish translations of poetry, short stories, essays etc. The well-known journal INDONESIA, issued half-yearly by the Modern Indonesia Project of Cornell University, has published a number of Indonesian stories in English translation, for example Idrus’ stories Fujinkai and Och… Och … Och (vol. 2) and Surabaja (vol. 5), Ajip Rosidi’s stories Among the Family (vol. 1) and A Japanese (vol. 6), while Heather Sutherland (vol. 6) and Harry Aveling (vol. 7) contributed essays on modern literature.

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