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BahasaKita is an Indonesian language online resource. A practical Indonesian language learning site which teaches the difference between daily spoken Indonesian and the formal language learned at schools or courses. Anyone can learn Indonesian from here.

To fully understand Indonesian, it is important to learn both formal and informal grammar and vocabulary as some daily spoken words are not included in dictionaries, but are often used on television, and in the print media and advertising. BahasaKita explains the different rules and grammar for formal and informal Indonesian, with a helpful glossary of words and advice on how they are used in both situations.

The site is regularly updated with the new words or expressions, acronyms and slang. It is a practical learning site that helps both non-Indonesian speaking and expatriates Indonesian people get to know and keep up with current trends in formal and informal Indonesian language and vocabulary.

For travelers to Indonesia, BahasaKita offers a guide on common words which will help them get around the country with ease. Discover more about Indonesia here at BahasaKita and enjoy our language.